Five Benefits of Seeing a Family Dentist

Here at Boger Dental, we believe you and your family deserve the best dental care at every stage of life. When you have several people to make dental appointments for, it can be a relief to find out that a family dentist can meet all your needs under one roof! Let’s explore the five benefits of seeing a family dentist and how we can help you enjoy your smile for life. 

Convenient Care

Whether you have one child or a large family, making appointments around everyone’s schedules can be challenging. Getting to multiple dentist offices isn’t always realistic between work, school, and extracurricular activities. When you choose a family dentist, your whole family can get care under the same roof, eliminating those treks across town for multiple visits. 

Family Treatment

General dentists typically focus on a specific age group, while family dentists have experience treating all ages. Our team of expert dentists provides high-quality dental care for your whole family. From your child’s first tooth to custom-made dentures, family dentists can meet your needs at every stage of life with compassionate, comprehensive care. 

At Boger Dental, our team of experts can meet your every need. Dr. Chad Boger is a cosmetic dentist with advanced training in neuromuscular and TMJ treatment, while Dr. Joseph Madden specializes in dental implants for your perfect smile restoration. 

Dr. Kristi Scherweit is your kid-friendly dentist with additional expertise with our younger patients, and Dr. Anamaria Betterman can serve your whole family. 

Our team is rounded off with two phenomenal general dentists, Dr. Jan Groth and Dr. Benjamin Trapp, each of whom provides high-quality general and restorative dental services for all ages. 

Long-Lasting Relationships

Parents love family dentists because they allow you to create personal relationships that last a lifetime. At Boger Dental, your child can see the same dentist from their first visit throughout childhood, college, and adulthood. 

When you fully trust your dentist, you’ll be more likely to discuss specific symptoms than if you were to see a stranger, which can lead to early detection of potential issues. You and your child will feel better knowing that your dentist is a friend with your best interests at heart.

This type of long-term relationship also means better care for your family’s smiles. When you see the same dental team throughout your life, they’ll experience every step of your smile journey firsthand. They’ll keep up with allergies, surgeries, and genetic conditions for your whole family, so you’ll have all of your dental information in one place.

Best Services for Every Smile

Regular visits with your family dentist are the best way to keep your family’s teeth healthy and cavity-free! Bi-annual appointments allow your dentist to detect signs of tooth decay and remove plaque from your family’s teeth before the bacteria can spread.

If you skip regular dental visits, you could develop decay that causes discomfort, pain, tooth loss, or diseases like gingivitis that can cause red, swollen, or bleeding gums. It’s important to detect gum disease immediately, or you risk developing periodontitis.

Having a chosen family dentist also guarantees access to emergency care. If you or your child plays sports, they have a higher chance of injury to their mouth and teeth. Family dentists are typically available in the case of an emergency to give your child’s smile the best chance of recovery.

Ease Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is a fairly common condition, but choosing a family dentist can help you and your family feel at ease. Children and adults can both experience dental anxiety, so it’s essential to find a family dentist who makes your whole family feel comfortable. At Boger Dental, we provide several resources to help patients of all ages get accustomed to dental appointments, and we’ll always explain every step of your treatment. 

When young children can see and experience dental visits with older family members, they’ll feel more comfortable with the process and may even get excited! We strive to address dental anxiety early to avoid complications from skipping appointments for fear of the dentist. 

Five Benefits of Seeing a Family DentistLifetime of Healthy Smiles with Boger Dental

A family dentist gives you and your children the best chance to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles! From when your child’s first tooth erupts to restorative and cosmetic procedures to get your best smile, Boger Dental is here for you. Each of our dental experts can meet your dental needs and give you the personalized care your smile deserves. 

Are you ready to find your family’s dental home? We’re ready to meet you! Contact our Plymouth office today to schedule your first appointment and take the first step toward a healthier, happier smile!