What to Expect at Your Dental Check-Up

Your first dental check-up is a big step toward improving your oral health. And it can be intimidating! But if you know what to expect when you arrive at the office, you can go in with the confidence and peace of mind you need. Here at Boger Dental, we want you to have a warm and professional first trip to the dentist’s office. Dr. Boger and his team have all the information you need to make the right decision. So let’s look over a few things for you to expect when you arrive for your first dental check-up.

Your First Dental Visit

When you arrive for your first visit, our team will do everything we can to make you feel safe and comfortable. We’ll make sure you’re ready to go before we go over your medical and dental history, get to know your dental hygiene routine, and talk about your health concerns.

We’ll show you how to properly care for your teeth, so that way you can confidently maintain a healthy smile at home. Next, one of our dental hygienists will clean your teeth. A dentist and our team will then do a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth and ask any relevant questions, such as if you’ve had difficulties with chewing, swallowing, or opening and closing your mouth. Depending on your health history and symptoms, our team may recommend X-rays, which gives us a more thorough look at your teeth, mouth, and jaw so that your doctor can make any necessary diagnosis and give you an accurate course of treatment for your specific smile.

For some people, leaning back in the chair and letting your hygienist clean your teeth can be a relaxing time, similar to getting a haircut or spa treatment. You can chat with your hygienist, learn a little about how to take care of your teeth, and enjoy the hour or so of attentive care that’s just for you. Sometimes our patients may experience anxiety during their appointment. Just let us know how you’re feeling and we will adjust our process to make sure you feel safe and comfortable with your care.

Here at Boger Dental, we never want you to feel rushed during your first visit, which will likely be the longest visit of your journey with us. In most cases, it will take around an hour and a half since we’re just getting to know you and your needs, and you may have additional questions at this initial visit. Our team takes pride in treating every patient according to their unique care needs, lifestyle, and smile goals. We personalize our approach to oral health so we can consistently produce ideal smiles that last a lifetime.

Twice A Year Check-Ups

Visiting your dentist twice a year is an essential part of maintaining your oral health. It takes about this long for cavities to develop. These wellness checks also allow our dentists and our team to assess for any other issues before they become serious problems.

After your check-ups, your dentist will go over any diagnosis and give you any relevant information you need to know. If you need any follow-up care, our team can schedule an appointment for necessary procedures while you’re at these visits.

Improving Your Smile With Dental Veneers

What To Do Between Visits

Your dental health doesn’t stop at the office. Taking care of your teeth at home between dentist visits is just as important as the visits themselves. The best and only way to fight tooth decay and prevent plaque buildup is to regularly brush and floss your teeth. Here are a few other ways to keep your smile healthy at home:

•Brush your teeth at least twice a day

•Use fluoride toothpaste and a toothpaste with soft bristles

•Brush gently at a 45-agree angle toward the gum line, moving in small circles to remove any bacteria and lingering food particles

•Floss at least once a day to remove any food that’s gotten stuck in your teeth

•Replace your toothbrush every three or four months, or more often if you’ve been sick

Regular dental check-ups are crucial, even for patients wearing braces or clear aligners. It’s important to have follow-up visits with your dentist even during any orthodontic treatment. Here are some tips for our patients who are brushing with braces:

•Brush around every part of your braces

•Brush every surface of every tooth

•Brush until your brackets are clean and shiny

•Floss every night before you go to bed

•Use tools like floss threaders and Waterpiks to clean hard-to-reach areas

Affordable Treatment Options

At Boger Dental, we make sure you know the cost of your treatment plan up front, so there are never any hidden or unexpected fees. Since your treatment plan will be unique to your specific needs and goals, once we have gone over all of your options and decided on a treatment plan, we will look at the total investment needed in your new smile. We want you to have all the details before we get started.





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Improving Your Smile With Dental Veneers

Enjoy a stress-free visit at Boger Dental

You’re about to take an important first step towards better dental health, and we want to be there with you every next step of the way. At Boger Dental, we believe in bringing your natural smile to life by restoring and enhancing it with cosmetic dentistry. Whether you’re looking for brighter teeth, a straighter smile, or anything in between, our experienced team can help you out! Our expert lineup includes Dr. Boger, along with Dr. Madden, Dr. Scherweit, Dr. Betterman, Dr. Groth and Dr. Trapp. Each with years of dental education and experience under their belts!

If you’re in Plymouth or the surrounding areas and looking to give your smile the care and attention it deserves, gets in touch with us today to schedule an appointment with one of our amazing dentists. We’re excited to help you bring out the best in your smile!