5 Reasons Dentists Use Crowns

Oral health emergencies are never fun to handle. Dealing with issues like broken teeth, accidents, tooth decay, or gum disease can be uncomfortable and often painful. We are sorry if you’ve ever dealt with these kinds of teeth issues! At Boger Dental, we are here to support you through everything, big and small, to support your oral health and comfort!

One of the treatments that we use often to deal with a variety of dental issues is crowns. If you are unfamiliar with them and why we use them frequently at our office, keep reading to learn more! 

What Is a Crown?

A crown is a cap or covering that fits over an existing tooth. Perhaps the tooth has suffered some damage from an accident or tooth decay. It doesn’t need to be pulled out entirely, but it can’t be left alone without developing more damage or pain. In this case, we could use a crown to cover the tooth and make it functional again!

Crowns can be made from porcelain, glass, ceramic, or metal. It usually involves shaving down the existing tooth so that it’s smaller in size and able to fit the crown over it. It works well because the original tooth and root are still attached to the jawbone, supporting jaw health while being strengthened by the new crown placed over it. In many cases, it functions just as well as your natural teeth! Chewing should be pain-free, and your smile should look intact with the crown. 

Here are a few of the cases when we find crowns to be especially helpful:

When Your Enamel Isn’t Up to Snuff

There are many different dental interventions that one of our doctors at Boger Dental might use when there is a problem with a tooth. Fillings, implants, and bridges are just a few examples. Crowns, however, have a super specific purpose, which is to compensate for when a tooth’s enamel is no longer salvageable. This might be for a few reasons–injury, decay, etc., but the solution is to cap the tooth with a crown to protect the root and make it functional again. 

If you think a crown might be the right solution to your tooth problem, it’s important to make an appointment to come into our office. Crowns are irreversible since they involve shaving down most of the natural tooth and fitting a permanent cap on top. This is not always our first recommendation, but when it comes to issues with enamel wear that is not repairable, then it can often be the best one!

5 Reasons Dentists Use Crowns

When You Need Long-Lasting Results

Some dental repairs are meant to be removable and replaceable after a few years. A crown, on the other hand, is a long-term solution that is meant to last for life. If you are tired of returning to the dentist again and again to deal with the same issue, then a crown could be a great fit for you. As we mentioned above, crowns are permanent replacements to the top layers of a tooth and are fixed permanently onto the center root of a tooth. This means that they can never be removed except by a dentist and should be the final fix for whatever has been ailing you. 

Commitment is a bit part of the decision process, so only choose to have a crown put in if you are ready to be committed to it for life! On the other hand, it’s a huge relief to know that you won’t need to be afraid of issues with that tooth again. 


When You Need a Solution for Cavities

A cavity occurs when bacteria build up on teeth and grow, evolving into acid-producing tartar. Over time, this acid can break down the outer enamel of your tooth and lead to decay and infection. When left too long untreated, these cavities cause severe damage to teeth, making it necessary for them to be pulled or even need root canals!

Sometimes, fillings can be the best fix for cavities, but if the damage to your enamel is serious enough, a filling won’t cut it. That’s when a crown might be your best bet! Again, be sure to discuss this option with one of our doctors when you come in for your appointment!

When Your Tooth Needs a Second Chance

Has there been damage to one particular tooth in your mouth that just doesn’t seem to get better? Maybe you had an accident, and your tooth was damaged? In these cases, teeth can’t repair themselves. Again, enamel is a really important part of tooth health, and when a tooth is broken or damaged too much, it needs some help to continue functioning.

That’s where a crown comes in! Putting a crown over a partially damaged tooth is one of the best ways to preserve it! Your tooth root can still function while the crown makes your smile look back to normal and supports chewing, speaking, and other essential functions! We love giving your smile a second chance with a crown when possible!

5 Reasons Dentists Use Crowns

Let Us Help You Solve Your Dental Health Challenges!

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