Ready Set SMILE!

At Boger Dental, we believe that everyone deserves access to quality dental care throughout their lives. As a part of our commitment to providing our Plymouth community with exceptional dental services, we’ve partnered with a local charity to provide dental care for kids in need. Ready, Set, Smile is doing big things for children in our community, and we’re so happy to join their mission! Keep reading to learn more about Ready, Set, Smile, how we’re helping, and how YOU can get involved, too.

What is Ready, Set, Smile?

In 2013, Ready, Set, Smile set out to meet a need in our community and provide children with dental care. Many children in vulnerable communities throughout Minnesota have never been to the dentist, so dental needs are left untreated. When this happens, children are more likely to develop other health issues down the road. 

Ready, Set, Smile partners with 27 pre-schools and elementary schools through eighth grade to give them adequate dental care for a lifetime of healthy smiles. At Boger Dental, we’re honored to join this organization in its mission to make every child free from dental disease. 

Ready, Set, SMILE!

Serving our community

Our team at Boger Dental loves giving back to our community, and what better way than through dental care and education? We’ve adopted two local schools, Alice Smile Elementary and Hopkins West Jr. High, which Dr. Chad attended as a child. 

As a part of our work with Ready, Set, Smile, we visit each of our partner schools twice a year to provide regular dental cleanings, exams, and fluoride treatments. We provide sealants, identify urgencies, perform palliative treatments, and send home a form indicating any dental needs we discover.

In between these biannual visits, we go to each class of both schools to provide fun-filled lessons on dental hygiene and maintaining healthy smiles. We also go in and do additional fluoride treatment for high-risk kids.

We recently had the opportunity to visit each school and give the amazing kiddos a fun-filled lesson on dental hygiene and keeping their smiles shining! It was so much fun teaching them the best ways to brush and hearing how excited they got about oral hygiene. 

As we continue to partner with Ready, Set, Smile, our Boger Dental team will check in on our adopted schools and provide dental care for students who otherwise might not have access. It’s such an honor and a privilege to meet these amazing kids, teachers, and everyone involved who create a positive and encouraging environment for children to thrive. 

How you can help

Providing dental care isn’t the only way to help a child get a healthier smile with Ready, Set, Smile—you can help join the cause, too! Your donations help provide essential dental services, supplies, and education materials for children throughout Minnesota. If you want to join us as we care for our community’s children and their smiles, you can make a financial contribution at this link!

Ready, Set, SMILE!

Keep our community smiling with Boger Dental

No one should ever have to suffer because they don’t have access to adequate dental care, and Boger Dental is happy to help solve this problem. To learn more about Ready, Set, Smile and how you can get involved, visit Join Ready, Set, Smile, and Boger Dental as we strive to provide outstanding dental care to children everywhere!