Understanding the Different Types of Splints and Night Guards We Offer for TMJ and Sleep Issues

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) can cause pain, discomfort, and sleep disturbances. At Boger Dental, we understand that each patient is unique and requires tailored solutions. To help you find the most suitable protection for your teeth, we offer a variety of splints and night guards depending on the cause and symptoms you’re experiencing. In this blog post, we’ll discuss five common types of TMJ splints and night guards available at our clinic.

  1. Over-the-counter guard: The over-the-counter guard is the most affordable option to protect your teeth from grinding. However, it’s also the least comfortable for sleep, as they are not customized to fit your mouth. If you’re looking for a more comfortable solution, consider a custom-made option.
  2. Essix retainer: Essix retainers are clear retainers that can protect your teeth from mild TMJ symptoms. They are popular among patients for their affordability, thinness, comfort, and lightweight design. However, they may not be suitable for severe grinding issues. If you experience excessive grinding or your Essix retainer wears out quickly, consult your dentist for an alternative treatment option. Essix retainers are not designed to address TMJ pain or airway-related sleep dysfunction.
  3. Custom flat plane bite splint/night guard: Custom flat plane bite splints and night guards are designed to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding. They are thicker than Essix retainers, making them a suitable option for patients with serious clenching or grinding issues. These custom-made guards provide a snug and comfortable fit and can also act as retainers. However, their effectiveness in addressing pain, dysfunction, or airway management during sleep may vary.
  4. Night-time TMD, Sleep Apnea, and Snoring Appliance: Sleep, snoring, grinding, and clenching often have overlapping causes and symptoms. At Boger Dental, we follow a tailored process to create an appliance that supports your optimal jaw position during sleep. This can improve your ability to breathe effectively at night and reduce stress on the joints and muscles of the TMJ.
  5. Removable Neuromuscular Day Time Orthotic: If your bite or occlusion is the primary factor causing your TMJ pain and dysfunction, you may benefit from a daytime appliance. Your bite can strain the muscles and joint, leading to jaw pain and headaches during the day from chewing and swallowing. Our neuromuscularly balanced orthotics are created using advanced dental technology to ensure they support your muscles and joints, similar to our nighttime appliances.

At Boger Dental, we’re committed to providing the best possible care for our patients. If you’re experiencing symptoms of TMJ, clenching, grinding, or sleep concerns, we recommend scheduling a TMJ and Sleep evaluation at our clinic. Our team will help you find the most suitable protection and treatment for your unique needs.